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Irssi Tutorial

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IRSSI + Terminal Server:
# Use a ssh or telnet client to connect to cs1. [ PuTTY (Windows)]. If you use linux or any unix based operating system you probably know what to do.
#Once you've connected to cs1 launch the ''IRSSI'' application within a [ ''screen''] session. You can do this by typing "screen" in the bash prompt. This will launch the ''screen'' application which should start a new bash prompt of its own. Type "irssi" in the new bash prompt in order to launch ''IRSSI'', the irc application. As a side note, if you want to exit a ''screen'' session just type "exit" in the bash prompt to return to the main prompt where you originally launched ''screen'' from.
# In the ''IRSSI'' prompt, type /server connect in order to connect to the Mozilla IRC server.
# Once you're connected type in /j #seneca to join the official DPS909 IRC channel.
:::* If you would like to return back to the bash prompt without exiting ''IRSSI'' hit "ctrl+a" then "ctrl+d"

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