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|[[Firebug "linting" for portability problemsCreate Content Security Policy test suite]]
Lots Adding Content Restrictions functionality to Firefox means that sites could restrict types of web developers use Firebug locations for loaded scripts and Firefox other unsafe content. The Content Security Policy is intended to mitigate a large class of Web Application Vulnerabilities: Cross Site Scripting. In order for building their applicationsthis to be written properly, a full test suite is required, but we want those apps to work well in other browsers which can test such things as well. If Firebug knew about JS or CSS patterns that could cause problems in other browsersinline scripts, javascript URLs, it would make it much easier to have those applications work in all browsersevent handler attributes (onclick, etc), plugins, frames, data urls, and XBL. References:, bug 411791, bug 390910 Resources: bsterne, dveditz, shaver
Resources: mfinkle, robcee
|[[User: ptmahent| Piratheep Mahenthiran]]
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