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About Me
====<big>About Me</big>====
:I am '''''NameMohak Vyas''''' : Mohak Vyas, a student of [ LUX] (Linux/Unix Administration) program at seneca college. My e-mail address is ''''or 'IRC Nick'''. My IRC Nick is '' : Kavee OR Vyas:''OR ''Vyas'E-Mail''''' . You can find my blog at [http: mdvyas//], however I am not a very bloggy kind of person so you wont find much activities on it. As far as education is concerned, I have done BCA (Bachelors of Computer applications) from India. I am Microsoft (Microsoft @learn#$?!) and Cisco certified. I have experience of working on Cisco routers in India.    ====<big>My Projects</big>==== My previous project was creating a computerised system for a small company in India. I used Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end and MS access as back-end and created a payroll and attendance system for maintaining there records and eliminating the old manual system.My recent project is ['''''Program''''' : LUX/wiki/index.php/Mozilla_Developer_Resource_Kit Creating an MDRK spin] for fedora+Mozilla community. If you have some knowledge about this please contact me through e-mail or IRC.

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