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Tony Lai's Mozilla Build

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Mozilla Build 3Here's the screenshot of the final build with the about: screen.Hello MineField! [[Image:MineField3.1b.JPG]] The build output is below: Warning this is huge! [[]] '''A few notes to remember'''* If you are on windows and can't create the .mozconfig file (because windows will say you have no file name!) then do it via command line. The echo # My first mozconfig > .mozconfig works great!* Windows Pre-requisites are really pre-requisites. Don't skip those. * If Windows SDK fails at Seneca, install it at home. (Courtesy of [[User:pplam3 | Patrick Lam]])* Mercurial can download the latest source files for you. It is installed if you have Mozillabuild.* It builds faster on Linux. Much faster.

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