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== Modes of Instruction ==
2 hours interactive lecture per week, and 2 hours lab time per week
== Prescribed Text ==
X Power Tools by Chris Tyler; ISBN 0-596-10195-3 published by O'''Reilly == Reference Material == None == Supplies == None == Promotion Policy == To obtain a credit in this subject, a student must:  * Achieve a grade of 55% or better on the final exam * Satisfactorily complete all assignments * Achieve a weighted average of 55% or better for the tests and final exam * Achieve a grade of 55% or better on the overall course == Modes of Evaluation == Midterm Test 30%Final Exam 40%Assignments/Labs/Quizzes 30% == Academic Regulations ==   Students are responsible for being aware of college regulations in the Academic Policy Handbook. Seneca Academic Policy - Cheating and PlagiarismCheating and/or plagiarism are offences which will not be tolerated by the College. Such offences occur when a student violates the procedures governing the administration of examinations, tests or other means of evaluating student achievement in a subject or program. Approved By: Evan Weaver, Chair College PolicyAccommodation for Students with Disabilities:The College will provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities in order to promote academic success. If you require accommodation, contact the Counseling and Disabilities Services Office at ext. 2900 to initiate the process for documenting, assessing and implementing your individual accommodation needs. All students and employees have the right to study and work in an environment that is free from discrimination and/or harassment. Language or activities that defeat this objective violate the College Policy on Discrimination/Harassment and shall not be tolerated. Information and assistance are available from the Center for Equity and Human Rights at Ext. 2078 or via e-mail at  == Useful X-Windows Resources ==''' <br /> Fill in as you wish...
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