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Adding Table of Tentative Topics
[ XWN740 Weekly Notes]
'''== Tentative Topic Outline ==''' <br /><br />Overview of X- Emphasize the layered approach (Section 1.5 in book)<br />
<table border="1"><tr> <td> Emphasize the layered approach (Section 1.5 in book) </td></tr><tr> <td> Display and User Interface Hardware and Technology - Displays, graphics cards, USB devices </td></tr><tr> <td> Starting and Using the X Server - using VTs - startx - display managers - xdmcp - manually starting the X server </td></tr><tr> <td> Standard X Programs and Utilities - Chapter 6 in book - Useful for analyzing and debugging </td></tr><tr> <td> Installing and Configuring the X Window Server - Auto-configuration - No config file - Self-generated config file - Configuration tools (e.g., system-config-display in Fedora) - Using the configuration file </td></tr><tr> <td> Fonts, Colours, and Keyboards </td></tr><tr> <td> Integrated X Desktop Environments - KDE - GNOME - XFCE - Others </td></tr><tr> <td> X and Wide Area Networking - The three challenges (13.7 in book) - Privacy - Access control - Network performance (bandwidth and latency) - Xauth - ssh </td></tr><tr> <td> X and VNC </td></tr><tr> <td> Building a Kiosk
- This is a useful topic because it lets the students split the
different layers apart and recombine them as they see fit.

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