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Course Resources
==Course Resources==
<table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tr><td>[[Image:bash_shell.png|left|75px]]</td><td style="padding-top:25px;padding-bottom:25px;">'''Free Applications for Remote Access:'''<br><br><dl><dd>[ Secure Shell SSH/SFTP]</dd><dd>[ PuTTY]</dd><dd>[ Bitvise SSH Client]</dd><dd>[ Moba Xterm]</dd></dl></td></tr><tr><td valign="top">[[Image:slg.png|left|75px]]</td><td style="padding-top:25px;padding-bottom:25px;">'''[ The Learning Center'''<br>'''Supported Learning Group:'''] is a resource to assist students that need additional help.<br><br>'''[ Supported Learning Groups]''' are peer-facilitated study sessions targeted to help students review course material for difficult courses. It is a student-driven, informal study group offered regularly where students can discuss course content, develop learning strategies, predict test items, compare notes and develop organizational tools while learning how to integrate course content and study skills together.<br><br>Benefits of Supported Learning Groups include:<ul><li>Make efficient and effective use of study time</li><li>Build learning strategies that integrate course content with study techniques</li><li>Meet classmates as you improve teamwork ability and leadership skills</li><li>Stay on top, feel confident and be prepared for lectures, assignments, tests, etc.</li></ul><br>'''[ Learning Center's ULI SLG Schedule]'''</td></tr></table>
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