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C Compiler Options
=== C Compiler Options ===
To build code that includes SVE2 instructions, you will need to instruct the complier or assembler to emit code for an Armv8a processor that also understands the SVE2 instructions; this is performed using the <code>-march=</code> option (which is read as "machine architecture"). '''You must do this regardless of whether you're using autovectorization, inline assembler, or intrinsics.''' The architecture specificaion for this target is currently "armv8-a+sve2":
gcc -march=armv8-a+sve2 ...
Remember that in order to invoke the autovectorizer in GCC version 11, you must use <code>-O3</code>''or'' the appropriate feature options (<code>-ftree-vectorize</code>):
gcc -O3 -march=armv8-a+sve2 ...
gcc -O2 -march=armv8-a+sve2 -ftree-vectorize ...
=== Using SVE2 Intrinsics Header Files ===

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