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6502 Emulator Example Code

11 bytes added, 20 January
Etch-a-Sketchtm Style Drawing
ldy #$00 ; put help text on screen
print: lda help,y
beq setup
sta (POINTER),y
getkey: lda $ff ; get a keystroke
ldx #$00 ; clear out the key buffer
jmp done
check1: cmp #$81 ; check key == right
bne check2
jmp done
check2: cmp #$82 ; check if key == down
bne check3
jmp done
check3: cmp #$83 ; check if key == left
bne done
c_loop: sta (POINTER),y
bne c_loop
dcb $00,$20,$40,$60,$80,$a0,$c0,$e0
; help message on for the character screen

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