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6502 Emulator Example Code

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Etch-a-Sketchtm Style Drawing
== Etch-a-Sketch<sup>tm</sup> Style Drawing ==
; zero-page variable locations define ROW $20 ; current row define COL $21 ; current column define POINTER $10 ; ptr: start of row define POINTER_H $11 ; constants define DOT $01 ; dot colour define CURSOR $04 ; black colour ldy #$00 ; put help text on screen print: lda help,y beq setup sta $f000,y iny bne print setup: lda #$0f ; set initial ROW,COL sta ROW sta COL draw: lda ROW ; ensure ROW is in range 0:31 and #$1f sta ROW lda COL ; ensure COL is in range 0:31 and #$1f sta COL ldy ROW ; load POINTER with start-of-row lda table_low,y sta POINTER lda table_high,y sta POINTER_H ldy COL ; store CURSOR at POINTER plus COL lda #CURSOR sta (POINTER),y getkey: lda $ff ; get a keystroke ldx #$00 ; clear out the key buffer stx $ff cmp #$43 ; handle C or c beq clear cmp #$63 beq clear cmp #$80 ; if not a cursor key, ignore bmi getkey cmp #$84 bpl getkey pha ; save A lda #DOT ; set current position to DOT sta (POINTER),y pla ; restore A cmp #$80 ; check key == up bne check1 dec ROW ; ... if yes, decrement ROW jmp done check1: cmp #$81 ; check key == right bne check2 inc COL ; ... if yes, increment COL jmp done check2: cmp #$82 ; check if key == down bne check3 inc ROW ; ... if yes, increment ROW jmp done check3: cmp #$83 ; check if key == left bne done dec COL ; ... if yes, decrement COL clc bcc done clear: lda table_low ; clear the screen sta POINTER lda table_high sta POINTER_H ldy #$00 tya c_loop: sta (POINTER),y iny bne c_loop inc POINTER_H ldx POINTER_H cpx #$06 bne c_loop done: clc ; repeat bcc draw ; these two tables contain the high and low bytes ; of the addresses of the start of each row table_high: dcb $02,$02,$02,$02,$02,$02,$02,$02 dcb $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 dcb $04,$04,$04,$04,$04,$04,$04,$04 dcb $05,$05,$05,$05,$05,$05,$05,$05, table_low: dcb $00,$20,$40,$60,$80,$a0,$c0,$e0 dcb $00,$20,$40,$60,$80,$a0,$c0,$e0 dcb $00,$20,$40,$60,$80,$a0,$c0,$e0 dcb $00,$20,$40,$60,$80,$a0,$c0,$e0 ; help message on character screen help: dcb "A","r","r","o","w",32,"k","e","y","s" dcb 32,"d","r","a","w",32,"/",32,"'","C","'" dcb 32,"k","e","y",32,"c","l","e","a","r","s" dcb 00
== Additional Examples ==
Additional examples, as well as the source code for the emulator's ROM routines, are in a repository at

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