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Tutorial7: Installing Linux / Live Linux / Virtualization

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# Open a '''File Manager''' application and '''navigate''' to directory that the '''''' file<br>was downloaded (eg. '''Downloads''').<br><br>[[Image:knoppix-file.png|thumb|right|280px|Knoppix VM file contained in the zipped file. '''Double-click''' '''Knoppix.vbox''' file to launch the '''Knoppix Live Linux''' Distribution.]]
# '''Unzip''' the downloaded zip file (In MS Windows: ''Right click'' and Select "''Extract All''" )<br><br>'''NOTE:''' The contents of this zipped file should appear in another file manager window.<br><br>
# Navigate to the folder containing the ''extracted zipped files'' and '''double-click''' the file called '''Knoppix.vbox''' to launch the Knoppix VM.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' By '''double-clicking''' on this file (even if the VirtualBox application is not running)<br>it will launch the VirtualBox application and start the Knoppix virtual machine.<br><br>'''For Mac Users:''' If you experience an error message regarding the Kernel extension, click on '''System Preferences''', select '''Security and Privacy''' and click to '''allow Oracle''' service extensions to run on your machine.<br><br>If you have difficulty running Knoppix on your home machine/laptop you may ask your <br>'''Learning Centre ULG leaders''' for additional help in troubleshooting why Knoppix<br>is not working on your home machine/laptop.<br><br><table align="right"><tr valign="top"><td>[[Image:knoppix-start-menu.png|thumb|right|150px|'''Knoppix Start button''' (icon on the '''left''').]]</td><td>[[Image:knoppix-desktop.png|thumb|right|280px|The '''Knoppix Linux desktop environment''' has a similar look as the MS Windows desktop environment. (Image licensed under[ cc])]]</td></table>
# If prompted, '''click''' '''Scale''' to proceed.<br><br>
# Allow '''time''' for the Knoppix Linux distribution to start. This is a '''graphical Linux distribution''' which will start-up in a desktop environment.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' You are '''NOT''' prompted for a ''username'' and ''password'' because this is a Linux Live distribution and you have been assigned a '''generic account'''.<br><br>

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