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Potential Projects

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== Extend Try Server to test Thunderbird patches ==
"Specifically, Mozilla has a great system called “try servers” where one can submit patches against the tree, and the build system runs builds on Linux, Mac and Windows, using those patches, then serves those builds for testing. This is really helpful to figure out if proposed patches solve specific problems...The only problem is that there’s a little bit of patching needed to the try server code itself to make it able to work with other targets besides Firefox, as described in bug 431375" ([ Ascher])
== Add NetworkManager web authentication login ==
NetworkManager is a Linux component which handles network connections -- especially wireless connections. It keeps track of different WAP/WEP passwords for various networks that you've used automatically, but it doesn't automatically login to web-based authentication schemes (such as SeneNET or AirYork). It would be useful if NetworkManager could communicate with a Firefox extension to handle automatic login to those types of networks.
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