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Mozilla Developer Resource Kit

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Documentation and Learning Materials
* Reference and other Documentation (much from [ MDC]). Where MDC is a wiki meant for distributed collaboration, the documentation in the kit is read-only. Furthermore, where wikis prefer writers to readers, the documentation in the kit needs more top-down organization to link everything together (cf. MSDN). Getting rid of the wiki would mean that the content can be distributed as files vs. needing a web/wiki server. Like the local MXR, the look-and-feel of the pages should be altered so that they don't appear to be MDC, and it's clear that this is something separate. In addition, some docs would need to be changed sho they reference the contents of the kit (i.e., where multiple tools can be used, focus on the one(s) that are included in the kit). See notes on [[MediaWiki Import and Export]]. '''UPDATE:''' Eric Shepherd has given us a sanitized mysql dump from MDC - 2008-04-28.
** Chris has suggested scripting all changes to the MDC dump, so it can be easily reproduced. Wikipedia does something [ similar] for their [ CD-ROM version] for schools.
* Learning materials (much from [ Seneca courses])

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