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Tutorial 1: Using Your Matrix Server Account

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Part 1: Using the Linux Shell
# Press the <span style="font-family:courier;color:blue;font-weight:bold">ctrl-u</span> key combination to clear the line.<br><br>
# Press the <span style="font-family:courier;color:blue;font-weight:bold">ctrl-l</span> key combination. What happens? What is the advantage of using '''ctrl-u''' as opposed to '''ctrl-l'''?<br><br>The Bash shortcut keys that you just learned are sufficient to perform Bash Shell editing.<br>Although you are NOT required to learn other short-cut keys, here is a link to a listing in case you are interested:<br>[https:// Useful Bash Shell Keyboard Shortcuts]<br><br>
'''Running a Shell Script to Check Student Online Tutorial Participation'''
Some professors will require students successfully perform these online tutorials for marks (within a deadline). <br>In order to confirm that you successfully performed a tutorial, you will be required to run a program<br>(or in later tutorials, several programs) to prove that you successfully completed tasks in a tutorial.

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