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OPS435 Assignment 2 for Section C

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Program Name and valid command line arguments
[eric@centos7 a1]$ python3 ./ -h
usage: [-h] [-l {user,host}] [-r RHOST] [-t {daily,monthlyweekly}] [-u USERd DATE] [-su USER] [-v] F [F ...files]
Usage Report based on the last command
positional arguments:
F list of files file to be processed, if blank, will call last
optional arguments:
-r RHOST, --rhost RHOST
usage report for the given remote host IP
-t {daily,monthlyweekly}, --type time {daily,monthlyweekly} type of report: daily day or monthlyweek -d DATE, --date DATE specify date for report
-u USER, --user USER usage report for the given user name
-s, --seconds return times in seconds
-v, --verbose turn on output verbosity
Copyright 2021 - Eric Brauer

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