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OPS435 Assignment 2 for Section C

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Detail Algorithm Document
=== Detail Algorithm Document First Milestone ===Follow the standard computation procedure: input - process - ouput when creating the algorithm document for this assignment.==== input ====* get data (command line arguments/options) from the user using the functions provided by the argparse module* according to the arguments/options given at the command line, take appropriate processing action. ==== processing ====* based on the file(s) specified, read the contents of each file and use appropriate objects to store it* based on the command line arguments/options, process the data accordingly, which includes** data preprocessing (split a multi-day record into single day record)** record processing (preform required computation)==== output ====* output the required report based on the processed data==== identify and select appropriate python objects and functions ====The following python functions (to be created, you may have more) are useful in handling the following sub-tasks:* reads login records from files and filters out unwanted records* convert login records into proper python object type so that it can be processed using as much built-in functions as possible * create functions which generate daily usage reports by user and/or by remote host* create functions which generate monthly usage reports by user and/or by remote host To help you with this assignment, you should use the in the repository as a starting point in designing your own Python Usage Report script.TODO
=== Python script coding and debugging ===

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