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OPS435 Assignment 2 for Section C

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Daily Usage Report by User
==== Daily Usage Report by User ====
The following are Daily Usage Reports Report is created for user rchan. The output can be displayed either in seconds:<pre>[eric@centos7 a2]$ ./ -u rchan -t daily usage_data_file --seconds</pre> <pre>Daily Usage Report for rchan============================Date Usage13/02/2018 158015/02/2018 1980Total 3560</pre>
...or by omitting the <code>--seconds</code> option, in HH:MM:SS format.
[eric@centos a2]$ ./ -u rchan -t daily usage_data_file
Date Usage
13/02/2018 00 0:26:0015/02/2018 00 0:33:00Total 00 0:59:20
It's recommended you get the seconds working first, then create a function to converts seconds to HH:MM:SS.
==== Daily Usage Report by Remote Host====

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