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New policy

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<li>Create the appropriate overlay file based on the name above. There is a sample overlay in the resources section.</li>
<li>When you build the Active Directory code and launch firefox, the AD code will go through each path and gather all keys in the path. Then it tries to load all the files with that registry key name (unless you made an exception in the code, as noted two points above). An easy way to check that the overlay got loaded is to use venkman or some other extension that figures out what chrome:// files are loaded. Some overlays aren't added until you start certain components like Bookmarks manager or Preferences.</li>
<li> Now you can finally disable the functionality you don't need, hide ui elements you no longer need, and whatever else. </li>
This contains useful snippets of code that you can use as a starting point. This should be expanded as necessary.

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