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Tutorial10: Shell Scripting - Part 1

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# Confirm that you are located in your '''home''' directory in your Matrix account.<br><br>
# Use a text editor to edit the shell script called '''hello'''<br><br>
# Add the following line to the <u>bottom</u> of the file(copy and paste to prevent errors):<br><span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold;">echo "The current shell you are using is: $(ps -o cmd= -p $$|cut -d' ' -f1)"</span><br><br>'''NOTE:''' This command displays the '''name''' of the ''shell'' that the shell script is running in.<br>The command within <span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold;">$( )</span> uses a technique known as '''command substitution'''.<br><br>
# Issue the following linux command to change to the '''Bourne Shell''':<br><span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold;font-family:courier;">sh</span><br><br>You should notice your shell prompt changed that indicates that you are in a different shell.<br><br>[[Image:hello2.png|thumb|right|275px|Changing the Bourne shell and running shell script '''without''' a '''She-bang''' line.]]
# Issue the following linux command to run your shell script in the ''Bourne Shell'':<br><span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold;font-family:courier;">./hello</span><br><br>You should see that you are currently running the shell script "'''sh'''" that represents the '''Bourne shell'''.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' Due to the fact that shells (and their features) have '''evolved''' over a period of time,<br>an error may occur if you include a ''NEWER'' shell feature (e.g. ''Bash Shell'') in your shell script,<br>but run it in an ''OLDER'' shell (e.g. ''Bourne Shell'').<br><br>You can add a '''special comment''' to the BEGINNING of the <u>FIRST line</u> of your shell script to<br>'''force''' it to run in the shell you want (for example: the Bash shell).<br><br>

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