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Tinderbox front page improvements

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Either Leave your feedback below or contact me ([[User:dominic|Dominic]]) directly.
===Goals - Bugfixes and Final Push===
* Log link acted up with certain build machines
* Comment link did not show under certain circumstances
* Not feasible to implement commenting without touching physical notes.txt file.
** Re-implemented reading files directly with a slightly different approach
[ V1.0] of my code
===Goals - Update Commenting Polling===
* Rewrite how I deal with comments
** Direct file access was undesirable
[ v0.9] of my code
===Goals - Destroy Perl===
* Get in contact with ''justdave'' to push the release along to a commit
** Can't get a hold of him on IRC - I might have to email him despite it being "unkosher" practice (waiting for commit forever now)
* moved the "log" link to a better location
* moved the "admin" link to a better location
* added "Comment" link beside the log link now per build machine
** all links correspond to the NEWEST build. For older logs and comments you must view the full tree
* [ V4 of CLS's code] (v9 of my code)
* Fix up the log links only showing per tree. Not per build machine.
* [ V3.1 of CLS's code] (v8.1 of my code)

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