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OSD600/DPS909 Information

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What students are saying about OSD600/DPS909: thanks dps909!
<blockquote>"While I do feel that the basic training I received at Seneca has been invaluable to my success, it wasn't until I was thrust into the world of open source development in OSD600 that I felt like I was actually programming. Thrust, I think, is the right term, because the truth is that the secluded and sheltered academic environment students operate in can never effectively mimic the real community effort that programming is. If you want to get a taste of the real world, open source development will deliver, along with the real world benefits of being a part of a vast community of developers and being a part of an ongoing project." -- [[User:Xrayon | Fima Kachinski]], 3rd year CPA student - took OSD600 and OSD700</blockquote>
<blockquote>"DPS909 was by far the most valuable course I took while at Seneca College. Other courses taught me many things but DPS909 taught me what working on a *real* project with others was like. There are so many intangibles that simply can't be taught with a traditional lecture/lab/assignment format and this course will force you to learn them. In addition to helping me learn those things, it got me connected to a great community and helped line me up for a job after graduation. Thanks DPS909!" -- [[User:Bhearsum | Ben Hearsum]], CPA Graduate & Mozilla Employee - took DPS909</blockquote>
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