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Active Directory Integration

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Project Details
==Project Roadmap==
Based off a [ blog post] and work done, the following [ roadmap table] shows what is done and what still needs to be done.
==Release 0.5==
* Been trying to get test cases running for the extension, which is turning out to be much more difficult than expected. XPCShell unit tests are still not working. In talks with developers to resolve this for next release.
* Test cases should really be done before code cleanup starts, because the code cleanup will use the js registry wrappers. But it depends on how much XPCShell wants to struggle with me.
Todo for next release :
* Finish the test cases.
* I want to add a policy that disables automatic updates. (need to figure out how to test this in Firefox 3).
* Comment code that is difficult to read.
==Release 0.4==

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