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OPS435 Assignment 1 for Section C

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The First Milestone (due February 14)
In order to complete <code>percent_to_graph()</code>, it's helpful to know the equation for converting a number from one scale to another.
(''y''<sub>out</sub> [[File:Scaling- ''y''<sub>min</sub>) / (''y''<sub>max</sub> - ''y''<sub>min</sub>) = (''x''<sub>in</sub> - ''x''<sub>min</sub>) / (''x''<sub>max</sub> - ''x''<sub>min</sub>)formula.png]]
In this equation, ``x`` refers to your input value percent and ``y`` will refer to the number of symbols to print. The max of percent is 100 and the min of percent is 0.

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