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Part 1: Using the Linux Shell
'''Perform the Following Steps:'''
[[Image:meta-key.png|thumb|right|150px|To make '''alt-f''' key work, select '''Edit''' -> '''Settings''' -> '''Keyboard''', and select the checkbox '''Use ALT as Meta key (and Escape)'''.]]
# Type the following Linux command, but DON’T press the ''ENTER'' key:<br><span style="font-family:courier;color:blue;font-weight:bold">cd /bin</span><br><br>
# Press the <span style="font-family:courier;color:blue;font-weight:bold">ctrl-a</span> key combination. What happens?<br><br>[[Image:meta-key.png|thumb|right|150px|To make '''alt-f''' key work, select '''Edit''' -> '''Settings''' -> '''Keyboard''', and select the checkbox '''Use ALT as Meta key (and Escape)'''.]]<br><br>'''NOTE:''' To make '''alt-f''' key work when using the '''GRAPHICAL Windows SSH Client application''', select '''Edit''' -> '''Settings''' -> '''Keyboard''', and select the checkbox '''Use ALT as Meta key (and Escape)'''.
# Press the <span style="font-family:courier;color:blue;font-weight:bold">alt-f</span> key combination '''two times'''<br>(OPTION+right-arrow for Mac OSx).<br><br>
# Press the <span style="font-family:courier;color:blue;font-weight:bold">alt-b</span> key combination '''one time'''.<br>(OPTION+left-arrow for Mac OSx).<br><br>'''WARNING:''' If you are using the graphical ssh application, then using the left arrow key to move the cursor to the beginning of the text: '''/bin'''<br><br><table align="right"><tr valign="top"><td>[[Image:ctrl-b.png|thumb|right|150px|'''alt-b''' moves one word backwards for Windows OS]]</td><td>[[Image:ctrl-w.png|thumb|right|150px|'''ctrl-w''' deletes a word to <u>left</u> of the cursor.]]</td><td>[[Image:new-ls.png|thumb|right|150px|After command is deleted, then type new command and press '''ctrl-e''' to move to end of the command line.]]</td></tr></table>

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