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Relative-to-home Pathnames
<table align="right"><tr><td>[[Image:relative-to-home-1.png|thumb|right|250px|Directories in red display the path from the home directory of the current user (which is '''userid''') to the '''examples''' directory (i.e. the relative-to-home pathname: '''~/uli101/examples'''.]]</td><td>[[Image:relative-to-home-2.png|thumb|right|250px|Directories in red display the path from another user's home directory location to their '''notes''' directory (i.e. the relative-to-home pathname: '''~jane/uli101/notes''']]</td></tr></table>
A '''relative-to-home pathname''' begins with the tilde character ( i.e. ~) to represent the user’s home directory.<br><br>
The tilde character '''~''' stores the path of the user’s home directory<br>(i.e. '''~ = /home/current-user-id''')<br><br>You can immediately place a username after the tilde to represent another user’s home directory (for example: '''<span style="font-family:courier">'''~jane = /home/jane'''</span>''')

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