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Tinderbox front page improvements

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Either Leave your feedback below or contact me ([[User:dominic|Dominic]]) directly.
'''dave: 0.6 is my 0.7.'''
===Goals - Release the front end as directed by tinderbox maintainers===
This release was primarily attempting to please the tinderbox maintainers since my work was got gaining any ground in terms of acceptance. I've used a patch that was given to me by maintainer cls as the groundwork for the current release.
The release uses the look of my very first version of the front end I ever produced. However, the back end looks completly different now since it has all been done in Perl and JSON has been scrapped. I'm hoping that this version will have a more successful approach and get moving on adoption.
Here's a shot of my work:
* Diff of code
* changes
** No JSON
** Perl backend used to generate the front end now
** Some CSS used during production. (A good thing)

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