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Buildbot and Cairo

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== Release Feb. 15th ==
'''Where will I put code and screenshots?'''
* [] - Buildbot configs (look for "cairo")
* [] - Archived files
* [] - Screenshots (look for "cairo" in the filenames)
'''What has been released this week:'''
* [ master.cfg] - It builds Cairo and runs automated tests on one linux machine
* [ buildbot-status-cairo.jpg] - After build #8 (no tests at this point)
* [ Buildbot:Cairo-results.tar.gz] - After build #11 (tests were run)
'''Steps to meet requirements'''
* sudo apt-get install buildbot
* sudo apt-get install git-core //This is to get the version control that cairo uses, it is called GIT
'''Steps to make it happen'''
* buildbot create-master ~/cairomaster
* Put the [ master.cfg] to the the created master
* buildbot create-slave ~/cairoslave localhost:9876 cairoslave
* buildbot start ~/cairomaster
* buildbot start ~/cairoslave
* firefox http://localhost:8020 //This is to be able to see the results of the build
== Tasks ==

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