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Mozilla Developer Resource Kit

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Local Versions of Remote Mozilla Tools
* [ Mozilla Developer News]
* [ about:mozilla feed] (NOTE: included in devnews by default).
===== Navigation and Sidebar =====
One of the goals of the kit is to provide local access to Mozilla learning, reference, and source code documentation. The local web app should include a sidebar and header suitable for users to quickly navigate and discover what is available. This means quick access to different types of searches (e.g., code index and also documentation), top-down categorization of documentation materials, etc.
Consider using [ ext.js] + [ jquery] to do the category/TOC tree. Also, since [ glimpse] is being used for [[Create Local MXR|MXR]], perhaps it can also be used to do the indexing of the static documentation.
===== [[Create Local MXR|Local MXR]] =====

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