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OPS435 Assignment 2 for Section C

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All your Python codes for this assignment must be placed in a <font color='red'><b><u>single source file</u></b></font>. Please include the following declaration by <b><u>you</u></b> as the <font color='blue'><b>script level docstring</b></font> in your Python source code file (replace [Student_id] with your Seneca email user name, and "Student Name" with your own name):
<source>OPS435 Assignment 2 - Summer Fall 2020Program: a2_[seneca_id]
Author: "Student Name"
The python code in this file a2_[seneca_id] is original work written by
"Student Name". No code in this file is copied from any other source
including any person, textbook, or on-line resource except those provided

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