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OPS705 Lab 2

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Lab Submission
= Lab Submission =
Similar Submit to Blackboard's ''Lab 1, just finish Submission'' section full-desktop screenshots (PNG/JPG) of the lab! following:# Your professor will have access to view of the two VMs you created and will verify OPS705 DevTest Labs Overview blade.# The Azure ''Overview'' blade for your work'''Windows Server''' VM. Once you# The Azure ''Overview'' blade for your '''CentOS'''ve finished working on VM.# A full desktop screenshot of the text file created for your labWindows VM, shut down (not delete!) open in Notepad.# A screenshot of your CentOS remote SSH session after running the command: <code>cat ~/lab2.txt</code> Your professor will review your VMs to not waste fundsdirectly; the screenshots are a backup in case of catastrophic issues.  '''Your professor will spin them up again not check your lab until the screenshots have been submitted.''' Make sure to fully stop your VMs when're done!

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