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OPS235 Lab 2

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Part 2: Installing from a Network (Minimal install - CLI)
# Create the VM (called '''centos2''') as you did with the ''centos1'' machine.
# Make certain to enter the name: '''centos2''', <u>AND</u> then select the option: '''Customize configuration before install''', and select '''Copy Host CPU Configuration''', click '''Apply''', and then click '''Begin Installation'''.
#When selecting the install options for centos2, do the same operation that you did in centos1 (but with '''Minimal Install''' software selection instead), but after '''automatically creating the partitions''', reduce the size of the root LVM partition logical volume to '''8 GiB''' and add an LVM partition a logical volume with a size of '''2 GiB''' (mount point: '''/home''', name: '''home''', and make certain root and /home partitions logical volumes have '''ext4''' file system).<br><br>
# <span style="background-color:yellow;">Complete the installation. Login to your regular user account.</span>

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