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Tutorial 1: Using Your Matrix Server Account

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# You should notice that the '''AppsAnywhere''' main application window appears.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' You may see a '''Validation in Process''' (or a '''validation successful''') message appear .<br>Although your applications are displayed, you <u>cannot</u> launch them until the validation process is successful.<br><br><table align="right"><tr valign="top"><td>[[Image:ma_validation.png|thumb|right|175px|Validation in Process Message in AppsAnywhere. ]]</td><td>[[Image:ma_system_tray.png|thumb|right|175px|Starting '''Cloudpaging''' Service in your '''System Tray'''. ]]</td><tr></table>You can tell if the system is still validating if an red exclamation mark <span style="color:red; font-weight:bold">!</span> appears in the application icon.<br><br>If the validation process is taking a long time, try opening the '''Cloudpaging''' service in the '''system tray''' located in the right side of the taskbar (you may need to click to display ALL services and then '''double-click''' the '''Cloudpaging''' application to launch).<br><br>
# After your AppsAnywhere session has been validated, click on the '''Search Apps''' area located in the top right corner of the AppsAnywhere window and type the word: <span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold">ssh</span><br><br>[[Image:apps-anywhere.png|thumb|right|250px|Several SSH applications will appear. We will use the application called '''SSH Client''' for this practice tutorial. ]]
# Several SSH applications will appear. <br><br>'''NOTE:''' All of these applications allow you to connect to your Matrix account.<br>We will use the application called '''SSH Secure Shell Client''' for this practice tutorial.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' If you encountere encounter an error trying to launch the SSH application via AppsAnywhere,<br>click on the following link for IT service desk contact info: [ '''IT service desk'''].<br><br>
# Launch the '''SSH Secure Shell Client''' application icon to launch this program.<br><br>'''TIP:''' Prior to launching the application, you can add this to your '''favourites''' which will make it faster<br>to access this application in the future.<br><br><span style="color:blue">'''NOTE #1''': If you experience a problem launching any of your applications, you should note that there is a '''Cloudpaging Player''' application<br>that lists applications launched. If your application did '''NOT''' launch properly, '''right click''' on each listed application and select '''remove''' from the menu.<br>Then re-launch your application from the AppsAnywhere page (the IT service desk indicated that this can occasionally occur).<br><br>
# Next, a dialog box will appear prompting you for your Matrix account password in order to gain entry to your Matrix account. Your Matrix password is identical to your Seneca password. As you type the password, the text will be blocked-out or hidden to prevent others from viewing the screen to obtain your password[[Image:ssh-authentication-response.png|thumb|right|150px|Authentication Response Dialog Box ]]<br><br>
# Enter your password and click '''OK''' or press '''ENTER'''<br><br>[[Image:ssh-login-error.png|thumb|right|150px|SSH Login Error ]]
# Click '''OK''' or press '''ENTER''' at the '''Authentication Response''' dialog box.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' If you encounter an '''error message''', this can occur for several reasons:<ol><li>You mis-spelled the '''name of the server'''</li><li>You mis-spelled your Matrix '''username''' (same username that you connect to</li><li>You have '''CAPS LOCK''' on by mistake (your username should be '''lowercase''' only).</li><li>You mis-spelled your '''password''' (same password that you connect to</li></ol><br>If you encountered an error logging in, issue the same steps to connect to your Matrix account,<br>but carefully check your server name, username and your password. If you continue to experience the same problems,<br>click on the following link for IT service desk contact info: [ '''IT service desk'''].<br><br>[[Image:ssh-shell-window.png|thumb|right|150px|Matrix Shell Command Line Interface ]]
#If you entered your password correctly, the main SSH Linux shell should appear where you enter Linux commands.<br><br>The '''Matrix''' server has been configured to allow users to '''only interact with the Linux OS by issuing commands'''. There are various reasons for this, but the main 2 reasons are to '''force students to learn how to issue Linux commands''' as well as '''limitations to remote access to a graphical Linux server''' due to large number of users (students).<br><br>Later in the course, your instructor may demonstrate other ways of accessing '''graphical versions of Linux''', and how to launch a shell terminal.<br><br>

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