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OSD & DPS909 Fall 2020 - Blogging

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Write a Blog Post
==Write a Blog Post==
Using the research Now that you did above, write have a short blog , it's time to start writing! Your first post should include the following: * Introduce yourself. Why are you taking this course? What is it about the trending repo Open Source that attracted you?* Where are you researched? Lots of us had to move back home during COVID-19. Imagine someone Where are you working from this term (Toronto, South Korea, Vancouver, Brazil, etc)? How global is searching Google for the DPS909/OSD600 community?* What are you hoping to accomplish this knowledge and finds your post, what would they term? What kinds of projects do you want to seework on?* What was the the GitHub trending repo you researched above? Make sure you include information Provide a link and tell us about what the project is, what it does, which language(s) it's written in, and why . Why did you found pick it interesting.?
==Tag your Post as "Open Source"==

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