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Build Active Directory support

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=Setting up Firefox=
This is how to get Firefox to implement some of IE's generic group policies using the grouppolicy extension created by Michael Kaply.
In order to build grouppolicy into your Firefox build, you must already have the tree checked out and a MOZCONFIG file available.

#Unzip the file to /mozilla/extensions
#In your MOZCONFIG file, add the following line :
#: ac_add_options –enable-extensions=default,grouppolicy
#Build firefox
#Run Firefox
#In the addons manager (Tools > Addons) you must see an addon named Group Policy Test 0.1

=Setting up a group policy :=
#Start the group policy msc (Start Menu > Run. Enter gpedit.msc and hit Okay)
#Get to the Internet Explorer configuration
#: <pre>Computer Configuration
#: Administrative Templates
#: Internet Explorer</pre>
#On the right, double-click on “Turn off tabbed browsing” and enable it.

If you restart firefox, you should now be unable to open a new tab.

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