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OPS235 Lab 8

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Part 2: Configuring DHCP server to Continually Lease Same IP Address
# Remain in your '''centos1''' and '''cento3''' VMs for this section.
# Make certain that you are located in your '''centos3''' virtual machine.
# Edit the dchpd.conf file and make the following changes:<ul><li> Create a <u>'''host'''</u> declaration with the name: '''centos1'''<br>(tip: search for the key-word '''"host"''' in the text editor to see an example, if it's empty, do a little search on the Internet).</li><li>Set the '''hardware ethernet''' option for the MAC address of the eth0 on your '''centos1''' VM.</li><li>Set the '''fixed-address''' option to the ip address: ''''''</li></ul><br>'''Note:''' When supplying fixed-address it is important that the address assigned is exclusive of any ranges that have been declared. Otherwise it may be possible for 2 different hosts to receive the same address.<br><br>
<ol><li value="4">Restart the dhcpd service and test the address assignment by releasing your current address on '''centos1''' and then requesting a new address. Use the following commands on '''centos1''':</li>

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