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OPS435 Online Assignment 2

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Program Name and valid command line arguments
Name your Python3 script as <code>a2_[student_id].py</code>. Your script must accept one or more "file name" as its command line parameters and other optional parameters as shown below. Your python script should produce the following usage text when run with the --help option:
[rchaneric@centos7 a1]$ python3 ./ -husage: [-h] [-l {user,host}] [-r RHOST] [-t {daily,weekly,monthly}] [-u USER] [-s] [-v] F [F ...]
Usage Report based on the last command
-r RHOST, --rhost RHOST
usage report for the given remote host IP
-t {daily,weekly,monthly}, --type {daily,weekly,monthly} type of report: daily, or weekly, and monthly
-u USER, --user USER usage report for the given user name
-s, --seconds return times in seconds -v, --verbose tune turn on output verbosity Copyright 2020 - Eric Brauer
Copyright 2020 - Raymond Chan
Replace the last line with your own full name .

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