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Tinderbox front page improvements

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== Project Information ==
=== Project Name ===
Either Leave your feedback below or contact me ([[User:dominic|Dominic]]) directly.
===Goals - Bugfixes and Final Push===
* Log link acted up with certain build machines
* Comment link did not show under certain circumstances
* Not feasible to implement commenting without touching physical notes.txt file.
** Re-implemented reading files directly with a slightly different approach
[ V1.0] of my code
===Goals - Update Commenting Polling===
* Rewrite how I deal with comments
** Direct file access was undesirable
[ v0.9] of my code
===Goals - Destroy Perl===
* Get in contact with ''justdave'' to push the release along to a commit
** Can't get a hold of him on IRC - I might have to email him despite it being "unkosher" practice (waiting for commit forever now)
* moved the "log" link to a better location
* moved the "admin" link to a better location
* added "Comment" link beside the log link now per build machine
** all links correspond to the NEWEST build. For older logs and comments you must view the full tree
* [ V4 of CLS's code] (v9 of my code)
* Fix up the log links only showing per tree. Not per build machine.
* [ V3.1 of CLS's code] (v8.1 of my code)
===Goals - Add Logging linkage and perform other aesthetic fixes===
* Add Log link beside build machines
* Add comment link if there are comments on a build machine
* make the new front end not overwrite the current front end.
* Destroy the Perl programming language
* [ V3 of CLS's code] (v8 of my code)
===Goals - Release the front end as directed by tinderbox maintainers===
This release was primarily attempting to please the tinderbox maintainers since my work was got gaining any ground in terms of acceptance. I've used a patch that was given to me by maintainer cls as the groundwork for the current release.
The release uses the look of my very first version of the front end I ever produced. However, the back end looks completly different now since it has all been done in Perl and JSON has been scrapped. I'm hoping that this version will have a more successful approach and get moving on adoption.
Here's a shot of my work:
* Diff of code
* changes
** No JSON
** Perl backend used to generate the front end now
** Some CSS used during production. (A good thing)
===Goals - Work out the remainder of the user interface===
As the perl code gets reviewed and fixed up I'd like to work out the remainder of the user interface. This includes making it usable and would put the final touches on the tinderbox main page improvement
Here's a screen-shot of the colorized version of the Tinderbox front end. As soon as the tinderbox perl code gets committed to the project I'll be able to use real life data to test the page instead. Until then I'm forced to use a local instance which is very flaky.
* updated Perl code for release
* the front end files
===Goals - Send out Perl code for review===
As production moves forward on the tinderbox project I've compiled only my perl code into a single .diff file to send for review to the tinderbox maintainers.
* First release of the perl code for review..

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