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Updating manual installation instructions.
There are two ways to implement OpenShift on your own hardware:
* The easiest way to run OpenShift locally is to [ download an image] suitable for running on a VM. The image will work on KVM,VirtualBox or VMWare.
* You can also [httpdeploy OpenShift Origin manually.**Note that this must be done on your host. Using these instructions on a VM results in an installation that works, but will not allow access to the GUI.<ol><li> yum update -y</li><li>yum install yum-utils</li><li>yum-config-manager --add-repo</li><li>yum install --nobest docker-ce</li><li>mkdir /etc/docker /etc/containers</li><li>vi /etc/containers/registries.conf[registries.insecure]registries = ['172.30.github0.io0/16']</documentationli><li>vi /oo_deployment_guide_puppetetc/docker/daemon.json{ "insecure-registries": [ "172.30.0.html build your own machine using Puppet0/16" ] or follow }</li><li>systemctl daemon-reload</li><li>systemctl restart docker</li><li>systemctl enable docker</li><li>firewall-cmd --permanent --new-zone dockerc</li><li>docker network inspect bridge #(look for the [httpsubnet address)</li><li>firewall-cmd --permanent --zone dockerc --add-source #use the address range from the previous step.</li><li>firewall-cmd --permanent --zone dockerc --add-port={80,443,8443}/tcp</li><li>firewall-cmd --permanent --zone dockerc --add-port={53,8053}/udp</li><li>firewall-cmd --reload</li><li>wget</documentationli><li>tar xvf openshift-origin-client-tools*.tar.gz</oo_deployment_guide_comprehensiveli><li>cd openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.11.html comprehensive guide] and deploy OpenShift Origin manually0-0cbc58b-linux-64bit/</li><li>mv oc kubectl /usr/local/bin</li><li>oc cluster up</li><li>oc login -u system:admin</li></ol>
Try the first option using a VM in you CentOS 6.x host and show it to your professor.
The second option will take some times and efforts to complete. If you are taking OPS635, this will be part of your assignment 1.
= OpenShift Resource on the web =
* [ OpenShift for Developers: Set Up a Full Cluster in Under 30 Minutes]
* [ OpenShift Deployment Guide]
* [ OpenShift picked Ansible]

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