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OPS435 Online Lab1

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Task 2: Create a project and make a pull request on GitHub
:* Open a pull request, and
:* Merge your pull request
: Please make the following <font color='red'>changes </font> when following the guide::* name the new repository using your <b><u>Seneca user name </u></b> instead of "hello-world".
:* add your full name, and OPS435 section to the README file, do not post any other personal information there.
:* You can access the Python Interpreter on Matrix from a Linux machine or a Windows 10 machine.
=== Login to from a CentOS 7 machine ===
:<font color='red'>This option won't work after September 1, 2020 as had been moved under Seneca's VPN. The latest version of the openconnect client is need to connect to the Seneca VPN. We are working on the instruction on how to do that. In the mean time, please use the Windows 10 as described below to connect to matrix.</font>:* To login to must you must have a active Seneca user account.
:* The following is a screen shot showing the login from a CentOS Linux (host or vm) system with an active Seneca user name: <br /><br />[[image:centos_ssh.png|Ssh to matrix from Linux]]
=== Login to from a Windows 10 machine ===
:* Please follow the instruction at [ Seneca Student VPN] to download and install the GlobalProtect VPN client and connect to the Seneca VPN to your Windows Machine.
:* Login to with your Seneca user name from Windows 10's run box.<br /><br />[[image:window10_ssh.png|ssh to matrix from Windows 10]]

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