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OPS435 Online Lab1

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Task 3: Clone a repository into a new directory on a Linux system
:* login to or your CentOS 7 vm
:* create a directory named ops435/lab0 under your home directory
:* change your working directory to ~/ops435/lab0lab1
:* run the following git command to clone the repository you created in Task 2 on
git clone
:* change your working directory to your cloned git repository, which should be ~/ops435/lab0lab1/[your_seneca_user_name]:* run the following two commands and capture their output to a file or to your lab log bookthe named files:
git log> gitlog.txt
tree -a> repo_tree.txt
:* Make sure that gitlog.txt and repo_tree.txt are not empty. Review and study the contents of gitlog.txt and repo_tree.txt
=LAB 1 SIGN-OFF Upload the following files individually to Blackboard=

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