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OPS435 Online Lab1

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Lab Objectives
'''Introduction to git,, and Python'''
= Lab Objectives =
:* Using the "git clone" command to clone a repository into a new directory:* Set up account on for creating, tracking, and managing a repository:* configure and explore the Python interpreter on = Overview =:In this lab, you will create an account on and follow the Github "Hello World guide" to create a new public repository on github to learn about and explore the basic workflow of using github to track and manage revisions of software or other contents. The essential operations provided by Github includes
:*creating new repository,
:*creating a new branch,
:*creating a pull request, and
:*opening and merging a pull request.
:You will then use the git client (git clone) on to access and download the contents from of the repository you created on github. Note: if you have your own Linux VM ready, you can also install and use the git client on your VM.
:You will also use the git client on to clone the repository on which hosts the Python scripts for lab 1.
:Study and execute the Python scripts downloaded from the lab 1 repository
= Reference=

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