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OPS435 Python

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!style="background: #cccccc"| Quick Links
|<div style="background:#ffff00">[ OPS435_Python_Weekly_Schedule_2020_Summer Weekly Schedule]</div>[ Course Outline]
!style="background: #cccccc"| Assignments
|[[OPS435_Python3_Assignment_1OPS435_Online_Assignment_1| Assignment 1]]
|[[OPS435_Python3_Assignment_2OPS435_Online_Assignment_2| Assignment 2]]
|[[OPS435_Python3_Assignment_3OPS435_Online_Assignment_3| Assignment 3]]
= Welcome to OPS435 - ''Open System Automation'' =
: You will practice the writing of many scripts, reinforcing the importance of automation and reusable code. You will be introduced to powerful tools used in system administration, which will give you experience in solving problems more effectively. As a system administrator you will be responsible for maintaining more than just a few servers, you will learn the skills to manage large scale networks, in preparation for cloud computing.
: In this course you will use a ssd(in a usb enclosure) or a removable disk tray with lab your own computersto create VM using VMWare Workstation, similarly to other Linux courses. However, this time you will setup a unique environment also use your account on for development creating and testingscripts for each lab. This course can be broken up into 2 halves. The first half of this course will cover learning the python language. The second half of this course, will cover powerful administraton administration systems, and allow you to apply your python knowledge to extend these systems.
== Learning by Doing ==
Most of the learning in this course occurs through interactive labs that give feedback you feedbacks as you work through each problemtask. While this feedback may help, the solutions will still need to be found by you. There are many ways to solve each problem you may encounter in this course, letting you improve through practice. The way you solved a problem at the beginning of the semester may not be the way you solve it near the end of the semester. Trying to solve previous labs, after learning new material, may prove insightful.
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<td width="10%" style="border-bottom: thin solid #cccccc;">[[Image:blank-cd.png|left|50px]]</td>
<td colspan="2" width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid #cccccc;">'''CentOS 7 - Latest Stable Version'''<br>(refer to link in [[OPS435_Python3_Lab_1 OPS435_Online_Lab_1 | lab1]])</td>
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== Course Faculty ==
'''During the <b>Winter Summer 2020</b> semester, OPS435 is taught by:'''
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