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Winter 2020 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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Week 8 - Class II
=== Week 8 - Class II ===
* [[Winter 2020 SPO600 Project|Course Projects]] * Changing and Algorithm to Improve Performance** Audio volume scaling problem*** PCM Audio is represented as 16-bit signed integer samples* ** To reduce the volume of the audio, it can be scaled by a factor from 0.000 (silence) to 1.000 (original volume).*** This is a common operation on mobile and multimedia devices.*** What is the best way to do this?** Approach 1: Naive Implementation - Multiply each sample by the scaling factor (this involves multiplying each integer sample by a floating-point number, then converting the result back to an integer)** Approach 2: Lookup Table - Pre-calculate all possible values multiplied by the scaling factor, then look up the new value for each original sample value** Approach 3: Fixed-point math - Use fixed-point math rather than floating-point math** Approach 4: Vector fixed-point math - Use SIMD and Vectorizationinstructions to do multiple fixed-point operations in parallel
=== Week 8 Deliverables ===

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