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Tutorial8: Links / Process Management

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Managing Processes
* Processes keep their '''PID''' for their entire life
* Usually a parent sleeps when a child is executing (the exception is when the child process is executing in the background)
Below are some common Linux commands involving processes:
<table cellpadding="5"><tr><th style="border-bottom: 1px solid black;text-align:left;">Filename Expansion Symbol</th><th style="border-bottom: 1px solid black;text-align:left;">Purpose</th></tr><tr><td>'''*'''</td><td>Asterisk (*) to represent '''0 or more characters'''</td></tr><tr><td>'''?'''</td><td>Question mark (?) to represent '''exactly one character (any character)'''</td></tr><tr><td>'''[ ]'''</td><td>Square brackets ([ ]) to represent and match for the <br>'''character enclosed within the square brackets'''.<br>It represents ONLY ONE character - it's like a<br>'''Question Mark (?)''' but with '''conditions or restrictions'''</td></tr><tr><td>'''[! ]'''</td><td>Square brackets containing an exclamation mark immediately after<br>the open square bracket ([! ]) to represent and match and<br>'''OPPOSITE''' character for the character enclosed within the square brackets.</td></tr></table>

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