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Tutorial5: Redirection

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Redirection (Standard Input, Standard Output, Standard Error)
<table align="right"><tr><td>[[Image:stdout-symbol-1.png|thumb|right|250px|The '''standard input''' ('''stdin''') symbol with one greater than sign overwrites existing file content with command output]]</td><td>[[Image:stdout-symbol-2.png|thumb|right|250px|The '''standard input''' ('''stdin''') symbol with two greater than signs add command's output to bottom of existing file's contents.]]</td></tr></table>
'''Standard output''' ('''stdout''') describes where a command sends it's output.<br>In the examples below, output from a command is sent to the '''monitor''', unless it is sent to a '''regular file'''.<br>We will discuss another redirection technique called '''pipelines''' later.

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