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Tutorial5: Redirection

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Main Objectives of this Practice Tutorial
:* Define the terms '''Standard Input''' ('''stdin'''), '''Standard Output''' ('''stdout'''), and '''Standard Error''' ('''stderr''')
:* Understand the purposes of redirection symbols '''>''', '''>>''', '''2>''', '''2>>''', and '''|''' and define their purpose in terms of redirection
:* Understand Define the purpose of the additional following file manipulation commands: '''cut''', '''tr''', and '''wc'''
:* Define the term '''pipeline command''' and explain how a pipeline command works in terms of redirectionfunctions
:* Define the term '''filter''' and how it relates to '''redirection ''' using pipeline commands
:* Understand how to use Use the '''semicolon''' symbol ";" and ''';grouping'''" to ( )" symbols issue multiple Unix / Linux commandsin a single line
:* Understand how to use Use the '''groupingbackslash''' using the symbols "'''( )'''\" and how it is used symbol to issue multiple spread-out long Unix / Linux commandsover multiple lines

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