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File Permissions
Users that <u>own</u> those ''directories'' and ''regular files'' are referred to as '''users''', users that belong within the <u>same group</u> are referred to as '''same group members''', and those users are do <u>NOT</u> belong to a particular group are referred to as '''other group members'''.
'''NOTE:''' In this course, we cannot create groups or assign users to groups - in the '''Matrix''' server. Instead, you may will learn how to do<Br>that if you take a Unix/Linux administration account.
On the other hand, you can change which '''user''',<br>existing '''same group members''' or existing '''other group members''' can or cannot access a directory or regular file.<br><br>
<table align="right"><tr><td>[[Image:directory-permissions.png|thumb|right|350px|Permissions of a '''directory''' that contain subdirectories and regular files.]]</td><td>[[Image:file-permissions.png|thumb|right|350px|Permissions of a '''regular file''' contained within a directory.]]</td></tr></table>

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