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Method 2: Decimal to Binary
# Write down the '''decimal number''' to be converted.
# On the ''right-side'', write the number '''1''' and moving '''leftwards''', keep <u>doubling</u> the numbers until that number is '''greater than''' the decimal number to be converted (refer to the diagram on the right).<br>
# Moving in a '''rightwards''' direction, if the doubled number is '''less''' than the decimal number, write a '''1''' and subtract the double number's value from the decimal number.; otherwise, if the number if greater, then right a '''0''' <br>
# If the next doubled number is '''greater''' then the remainder, then write a '''zero'''; otherwise, if the number is less than but not zero, repeat the above steps #4 and #5 until you have obtained your binary number.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' If you are converting to '''8-bit''', '''32-bit''', etc., add '''leading zeros''' if necessary.<br><br>

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