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<ol><li value="6">Write the '''chmod''' command (using the ''symbolic'' method) to set “pass-through” permissions<br>(eg. <span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold;">r w x - - x - - x</span>) for your '''home''' directory using an '''absolute pathname'''.<br>Write a Linux command to verify that permissions where set.<br>Perform a binary to octal numbering conversion for the permissions: '''r w x - - x - - x'''<br><br></li><li>Write single Linux command to set “pass-through” permissions for your home directory,<br>but use the '''absolute method''' (i.e. octal numbers) and use a relative-to-home pathname.<br><br></li><li>Write a single Linux command to add read permissions for '''same group members''' for the “'''tests'''” directory.<br>Use a '''relative''' pathname. Use the ''symbolic'' method.<br><br></li><li>3. Write a single Linux command to '''remove''' read permissions for '''same group members'''<br>and '''other group members''' for the “'''projects'''” directory. Use the ''symbolic'' method.<br><br></li><li>Write a single Linux command to set the permissions for the “'''assignments'''” directory<br>(using a '''relative-to-home''' pathname) to the following using the '''absolute''' method (i.e. octal numbers): '''r w x r - x - - x''' <br>Show your work to perform a binary to octal conversion.<br>Write the command below using octal numbers and using a relative-to-home pathname.<br><br></li><li>Assume that you just issued the command:<br>
<span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold">chmod u=rwx,go=x ~/linux/content</span><br>What would be the new permissions for the “'''content'''” directory?<br><br></li><li>xAssume that you just issued the command:<br><span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold;">chmod 640 ./linux/content/tests/answers.txt</span><br>What would be the new permissions for the “answers.txt” file?<br>(show work for numbering conversion)</li></ol>   

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