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File Permissions
The chmod can use symbols to add, remove, and set rwx permissions for user, same group members, other group members or ALL categories:
<table cellpadding="5" width="6070%"><tr><th style="border-bottom: 1px solid black;text-align:left;">Command</th><th style="border-bottom: 1px solid black;text-align:left;">description</th></tr><tr valign="top"><td><span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold;">chmod ugo+x script.bash</span></td><td>Add execute permissions to the file '''script.bash''' so it can be run.</tr><tr valign="top"><td><span style="font-family:courier;font-weight:bold">chmod u=rwx,go=x</span></td><td>Set "'''pass-thru'''" permissions for same group members and other group members to navigate to other subdirectories (that may have access / view permissions).</tr><tr valign="top"><td>Contain Special character within single '''quotes'''<br>(Quotes out ALL special characters)</td><td><span style="font-family:courier">'''echo '* hello *''''</span></td></tr></table>
''Octal (Absolute) Method:''

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